Saturday, April 10, 2010

Front page Face-Off Review

Front page Face-Off by Jo Whittemore
Simon & Schuster Childern's Publishing Division
Book Won, on Goodreads, First reads.


Twelve-year-old Delilah James is one of the top reporters at Brighton Junior Academy and the dreams of becoming a junior global journalist. But when an international rival named Ava invades her newsroom and takes over her crush, Delilah finds a unlikely ally in the Debutantes- A.K.A the Little Debbies.


As Delilah found Herself having to share the lead reporter Spot with Ava, the new French exchange student. She dose not like sharing with Ava. Delilah will find a unlikely ally. She decide it is best to try out for the little Debbies to get the scoop on stories around campus, Because who better to know about the social scoop other than the Debutantes , Little Debbies. But the price of the help of on Debutantes comes of a price. She will have to get some dirt on the Rival Group at Brighton Junior Academy. Will Delilah do what it takes to bet Ava and become the top journalist? On top of that she is writing a follow up of her article about the Swirly baited. An interview With the star him self. What we start out as just a interview will turn it to something that neither thought.

This book was a fun read. Delilah is very likable along with Her best friend Jenner, a surfer and loves sweets. The funniest relationship is the one with Delilah and her step-dad. He's constantly consulting a book in order to get parenting advice.

What I really like about the writing that Jo Whittermore, did for this books is that I found myself thinking that I was watching a Disney movie the Whole time I was reading. Which is not a bad thing, because I love Disney movies. I love books that I can just sit and really enjoy it.

This is a great book for you to read to your little ones, and for middle grade children to read. But also for adults that love a great cute book to read.