Monday, March 29, 2010

Her Forever Cowboy: Men of Mule Hollow (Steeple Hill Love Inspired) Review

Her Forever Cowboy: Men of Mule Hollow(Steeple Hill Love Inspired)by Debra Clopton


Susan Worth is a hard working Vet. As Vet she puts her patients before herself. This leading into her not sleeping, find love, and so on.

Then when a Cowboy ( Cole Turner ) came back to town, little did she know her life would change forever.
Cole Turner Comes back to Town to help out on his ranch. She hates Cole, the way he acts,specks you name it, she thinks she hates it.

Usual i would not be into books like this but this book I could not find myself putting down. I was wanting more as i read. The story line is great, set in a small town, when lots of Ranches are. Susan lives on the out skirts, She know almost everyone in town. and The characters are very much likable.

Also i learned in this book that God does what he sees best. It may have not been what you wanted to happen but God is the matchmaker in people life not people them self, sure you can show this person to other person but it is truly god who makes the match.

I really like this book a lot, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a love story/life story.

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Bella said...

yay romance too, my other favorite genre :)
though I've never tried the "love inspired" line from harlequin.