Monday, May 10, 2010

Finny : A Novel by Justin Kramon

We meet Finny Short as an observant, defiant fourteen-year-old who can’t make sense of her family’s unusual habits: Her mother offers guidance appropriate for a forty-year-old socialite; her father quotes Nietzsche over pancakes. Finny figures she’s stuck with this lonely lot until she meets Earl Henckel, a boy who comes from an even stranger place than she does. Unhappy with Finny’s budding romance with Earl, her parents ship her off to Thorndon boarding school. But mischief follows Finny as she befriends New York heiress Judith Turngate, a girl whose charm belies a disquieting reckless streak.

Finny’s relationships with Earl and Judith open her up to dizzying possibilities of love and loss and propel her into a remarkable adventure spanning twenty years and two continents. Justin Kramon has given us a wickedly funny odyssey with a moving and original love story at its core. Finny introduces us to an unforgettable heroine, a charmingly intricate world, and an uncommonly entertaining and gifted young novelist.
*Blurb form the book


Growing up in Maryland Finny at age 14 falls in love with this boy name Earl, A son of a Pianist. But when Sylvan, Finny's brother decide to tell their parents of her love, they get very angry and soon she is off to an all girl boarding school. There is meant a Hygiene obsessed dorm matron Poplan, who she well become close with, and Shares a room with A rich girl name Judith, who she thinks nice and cool.

In the story Finny will face heart breaks, true love, and new friends. As the book followers Finny life story.

Justin Kramon did a great job describing the characters in finny. Though i would have to admit that I have read about these type of characters before ,i think that Justin did a good job in making them a little bit more interesting then common characters. Finny will be some interesting characters through Judith. Carter being among one of them,I love how Carter is openly gay. Carter and Finny will becomes friends in the story. I fell in love with Earl the moment i heard about him. The way he cares and feels about Finny is so sweet. That at some point I feel like i am in finny shoes.

The last two chapters i think are missing something that i can't put my finger on it. The writing just seems hurried to me. Like the author tried to get lots of info in at the last minute. Some i feel was unneeded info.

Over all i liked the story, give and take that there was some things i did not like. It still had me keep reading, and wondering what will happen next. This may not be the book for you but it don't hurt to just give it a try. you never now what you will think.

I am a slow reader but i am working on getting more reviews up, also if you have any suggestions they are welcome. How do you like my new rating system, sugar cubes?

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